Foton Motor Supports BFCEC SPORT in Silk Way Rally 2017

2017-07-15 10:27

Foton Motor Supports BFCEC SPORT in Silk Way Rally 2017

Foton Motor Supports BFCEC SPORT in Silk Way Rally 2017

Foton Motor Supports BFCEC SPORT in Silk Way Rally 2017

Published July 8, 2017

BFCEC SPORT formally attended the 7th Silk Way Rally on July 7.  Jointly created by BFCEC and Russian top team GAZ RAID SPORT, BFCEC SPORT participated in the top off-road rally – Russian Rally Championship and finished the competition successfully right after declaration of its foundation on April 28, 2017. This was the second time it participated in a top-level competition. As the only supporting vehicle of the team, FOTON TUNLAND will running in the total race to support with.


Sponsored by Ministry of Sports, Russia and General Administration of Sport of China, Silk Way Rally 2017 is planned to start from Moscow, pass Kazakhstan and arrive in the destination city Xi’an on July 22, covering 14 sections with total length of 9,588 km, including special section of 4,094 km. As the most difficult rally, it attracted 35 countries and 90 competitors.


In addition, as the sloe designated vehicle of EXPO 2017 ASTANA China Pavilion, FOTON SAUVANA is serving for China Pavilion with the transporting missions, which will meet with BFCEC SPORT, which is arriving at ASTANA on July 12.


BFCEC SPORT used GAZ and employ Russian senior drivers SEMENOV and ZAMALETDINOV who participated in Silk Way Rally for three times as the driver and navigator, with one FOTON TUNLAND as the supporting vehicle. All vehicles were equipped with ISF2.8 diesel engine produced by BFCEC.


BFCEC, viz. Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., was joint-ventured by Foton and Cummins in 2008, which is the world’s largest independent engine manufacturer. Founded by a capital proportion of 50:50, it manufactures light, medium and heavy-duty diesel engine and owns a total investment of over RMB 4.9 billion and annual capacity of 520,000 sets, covering Cummins Series F 2.8 L and 3.8 L light-duty, Series F 4.5 L medium-duty, Series G 11 L and 12 L heavy-duty diesel engine, etc. It meets the world’s demand for engine and above Europe IV emission requirements, becoming one of the world’s most advanced manufacturing bases for diesel engine.

BFCEC’s full-line engine have been equipped with All series of Foton Motor products. Relying on the advanced module engine design and strong power matching, products of Foton are advantageous in fuel economy, power, controllability and reliability performance, as evidenced by previous competitions.

On the third expedition of Dakar for Foton Motor in 2016, the racing vehicles #365 TUNLAND and #332 SAUVANA equipped with Cummins F series power finished the competition successfully. #332 SAUVANA gained the best ranking of 30th in the rally and got the ranking 42nd in the end, finishing the competition for the first time. The final ranking of #365 TUNLAND was 51st, refreshing the best record for the third time. Hence Foton became the only Chinese brand participating in and finishing the rally for two consecutive years.


The cooperation of Foton and Cummins reflects sustainable strategic vision of both parties, which symbolizes openness, learning and win-win spirit of the ancient Silk Road. Moreover, it is the best way to present the spirit for BFCEC SPORT to participate in Silk Way Rally.  As the opening of rally racing, the red racing vehicles powered by Foton Cummins on the field will be the unique imprint of Silk Road.



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